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Southern California Fish and Hang 2023 Group Photo

All Are Welcomed

Welcome to the first New York Fish and Hang Weekend, a gathering of like-minded individuals seeking connection, empowerment, and fun! Proudly brought to you by iFishiBelong, we warmly invite everyone to be part of this experience. This event is all-inclusive, and we welcome people of all skill levels to join.

Our Fish and Hang format, inspired by United Women on the Fly, allows participants to venture out to fish on their own each day and then hang out and share fishing tales together in the evenings.  Whether you lean towards camping, reserving a cabin or hotel, DIY fishing, or hiring a guide, we share resources for all budgets.  This event occurs in the beautiful setting of the Adirondacks, near Wilmington New York, from October 4th to October 6th, 2024.

For any questions or if you’d like to borrow equipment, reach out to us at [email protected]. We look forward to sharing this fishing adventure with you!

iFishiBelong has prepared an event checklist containing links to all necessary items. This checklist will help ensure that everyone is well-prepared and informed for the event.  Print the checklist HERE.

Weekend Logistics

Thank you for registering for New York Fish and Hang Weekend.  This is an inclusive event where like-minded individuals can connect, empower each other, and have fun. The registration fee is instrumental in offsetting the costs associated with travel logistics, online platforms, the extensive hours dedicated to research, meticulous preparation, and the ongoing correspondence behind the scenes to ensure a seamless experience for all participants. 

Participants fish during the day and hang out in the evenings, with various accommodation options available. The event takes place in Wilmington, New York, from October 4th to 6th, 2024.  ** This webpage is a dynamic document, and we’ll continue to update it with additional useful links and information in the coming months. **


Event Questions

Please utilize this webpage and the NY Fish and Hang Facebook Group as most of your questions will answered.  Otherwise email [email protected].

Facebook Group

Join the Facebook Group to network with fellow attendees, seek advice, and exchange travel and event photos/videos. Co-hosts will share further event details there. Join the Facebook Group HERE.


Live Q&A Session

  • Monday, August 19th from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm ET
  • Register HERE


October 4th – 6th, 2024


This event will be held in Wilmington, New York.  


What's Included

Thank you once again for registering for the 2024 New york Fish and Hang event. Below is a breakdown of what the registration fee covers.

  • This exclusive webpage was established specifically for registered New York participants.  It includes event logistics, packing tips, fishing details, etc.
  • Choice Between a Hat or Tee Shirt ($25 US Value)
  • Interactive Live Q&A Session on 8/19/24
  • Online Access to the “FallTrout Fishing Techniques” Live 8/5/24 or Pre-Recorded Class
  • Nightly Social Events
  • Saturday Private Water Fishing Opportunity
  • Location & Fishing Research Compiled for Easy Participant Reference
  • Dedicated Co-Hosts Focusing on Education, Community, Fun
  • Commitment to Support Local Businesses and Highlight Women and Underrepresented Owners and Guides in the Region
  • Community Initiatives & Contributions
  • 20% Off TroutRoutes Pro Accoun

What's Not Included

  • Transportation to and from Wilmington, New York
  • Accommodation/Camping
  • Meal Arrangements
  • Fishing Gear – Equipment Available to Borrow if Needed
  • New York Fishing License
  • 4hr “Fishing New York North Country” Workshop on Friday 10/4/24 – Register HERE
  • Guided Fishing Opportunities and Private Water Access

Tentative Weekend Schedule

Each day is centered on fishing adventures, concluding with social hangouts in the evenings.  We urge individuals to engage with each other in the Facebook Group to form fishing friendships and coordinate weekend adventures.  Register HERE.

  • Thursday 10/3/24
    •  Some Arrive and DIY Fish
  • Friday 10/4/24
    • 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm – “Fishing New York North Country” Workshop
      • Fee Applies, Register for the Independent Angler Workshop HERE
  • Saturday 10/5/24 – Social Fishing and Exploring
    • Register for Guide and Private Ausable River Access HERE
    • Evening Hang – Wilmington NY (More Details to Come)
  • Sunday 10/6/24 – Fish and Depart
    • DIY Fishing

"Fishing New York North Country" Workshop Available

The “Fishing New York North Country” workshop offers participants an in-depth exploration of techniques and tactics specifically tailored for the iconic Ausable River and its surrounding areas in the New York North Country region. This workshop is designed for advanced beginner and intermediate anglers.  Participants are encouraged to have basic foundational knowledge of fly fishing.  Before the workshop, attendees will have access to pre-recorded online classes, ‘Intro to Fly Fishing’ and ‘Reading Trout Water’, to prepare for the hands-on session. No equipment is required for the workshop.

Workshop Topics – 

  • Ausable River Access Points
  • Intermediate Fly Fishing Knots and Leader Set-Ups for Each Technique
  • Match the Seasonal Ausable River Hatches
  • ABCs of Fly Fishing
  • How to Approach the Water for Each Technique
  • Searching vs Targeting 
  • Mending Demonstrations
  • Casting Drills for Each Technique

The workshop curriculum is being provided by Fly Fish Instruct. 

Social Fishing Day

Experience an incredible opportunity to fish a legendary and remote section of the Ausable River, home to the largest and wildest fish in the watershed. We’ve hired four expert guides, including Rachel Finn, to help you navigate the river, choose the best flies and leader setups, and successfully land your catch. This exclusive opportunity is limited to 12 anglers, with each guide assisting you on 800 acres of private land.  We have created two guided options based on your fishing experience.  Register HERE.

  1. For newcomers to fly fishing seeking hands-on experience.  Guided day with a 2-to-1 angler-to-guide ratio.
  2. For those needing guidance on local river knowledge and assistance with landing catches.  Guided day with a 4-to-1 angler-to-guide ratio.

Included – 

  • Cost of Guide, Taxes and Credit Card Processing Fee
  • Private Water Access to the Bush Country

Not Included – 

  • Guide Tip (25% Cash Recommended)
  • Travel to and from Wilmington, NY. We can all carpool from the Hungry Trout Resort early morning.
  • New York Fishing License.
  • Fly Fishing Equipment and Flies (Equipment Available to Borrow)
  • Food and Snacks

Lodging & Food

In an effort to make this weekend affordable to all, we have arranged a discounted lodging rate with Hungry Trout Resort.  Call 518-946-2217 and reserve your room today.   You’re on your own for food.


There are several campgrounds near Wilmington, New York, offer a range of camping experiences:

  1. Draper’s Acres Campground – Situated a few miles from Wilmington, it provides tent and RV camping with amenities such as a swimming pool and playground.
  2. KOA Lake Placid/Whiteface Mountain – Located near Wilmington in the town of Wilmington, this KOA offers tent sites, RV sites, and cabins, along with amenities like a pool, mini-golf, and fishing.
  3. Wilmington Notch Campground – Just 3 miles south of Wilmington, this state-run campground features tent and trailer sites, fishing access, and proximity to hiking trails.

Education Opportunites

  • Live Q&A Session: August 19th, 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm ET
    • Dive into event logistics and gain valuable fishing information.
    • Register HERE.
  • Engage on Facebook:
  • Co-Host Guidance:
    • Our co-hosts will be available throughout the event.
    • Get answers on topics like knots, leaders, flies, and prime fishing locations.
  • In-Person Workshop Opportunity:
    • Participate in the “Fishing New York North Country” Workshop.
    • Led by Rachel Finn, Heather Hodson and Joanne Hessney.
    • Duration: 4 hours.
    • Learn More HERE.

We’re here to help, so don’t hesitate to ask!

Deschutes River Oregon iFishiBelong Fish and Hang

Area Resources

iFishiBelong has initiated research on your behalf and compiled various area resource links pertaining to Wilmington, New York, for you to explore prior to your trip.

  • Coming Soon


Fishing in Wilmington, New York, offers an exceptional experience for anglers of all skill levels. Nestled in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains, Wilmington is renowned for its pristine waterways, including the Ausable River, which is celebrated for its abundant trout population. The West Branch of the Ausable River, in particular, is famous for its fly fishing opportunities, with a variety of species such as brook, brown, and rainbow trout thriving in its clear, cold waters.

The river’s diverse landscape, featuring pools, riffles, and runs, provides an engaging challenge for fly fishers. Wilmington also boasts numerous lakes and ponds, where anglers can fish from the shore or a boat. These waters are home to a variety of fish, including bass, pike, and perch, ensuring a rewarding experience for those who prefer stillwater fishing.

Water Safety

Felt with studs and a wading staff is recommended.

Fishing License

A New York fishing license is required. You can purchase one HERE.  

Fish Species

These are the fish species tha you might encounter while fishing the Deschutes River.


Brown Trout

Brook Trout

Hire a Guide

We recognize that not everyone wants to DIY Fish and may prefer the expertise of a fishing guide. If you need last-minute gear and professional guidance for the weekend, check out these two local fly shops where you can find everything you need and hire a knowledgeable fishing guide.

Please mark your calendars for the Live Q&A Session on August 27th at 6:00 pm ET, where we’ll explore weekend logistics and share local fishing information. The Fish and Hang events require some preparation and proactive involvement.  To ensure participants are well-informed, each registrant will be granted access to a dedicated event webpage designed for all registrants.  This resource will assist you in organizing and planning your trip effectively. 

Ausable River maps

Coming Soon


DIY Fishing Blogs/Books

  • Coming Soon

Borrow Equipment

Each angler is expected to bring their own equipment and flies.  We have rod/reel setups, boots and waders available for borrowing on a first-come, first-served basis. Please fill out the “Borrowed Equipment” form by September 30th if you wish to borrow equipment. 



  • Waders are recommended for safety.
  • Studded felt or studded rubber boots are best as rocks can be very slippery and uneven.
  • Everyone should have a pair of polarized sunglasses for eye protection and to see fish and your obstacles under water.
  • It’s always recommended to bring a rain jacket.
  • Fly Rods – 5wt – 6wt. 
  • Rod Length – Average 9’.
  • Fly Lines – Typical Floating Fly Lines
  • Leader – 9’ 2x – 5x 
  • Tippet Spools – 3x – 5x

NY North Country Flies

Coming Soon

Ausable River Hatch Chart

Coming Soon

Leader Examples

Coming Soon

Local Fisheries

Coming Soon


Safety Policy

For the safety of all, if you show any signs of illness or have a positive covid test result, kindly remain at home. Stay informed about the weather, dress for the occasion, and stay alert to any shifts in water conditions.

Weekend Disclaimer

We aim for a memorable weekend, emphasizing community for everyone present. Educational resources will be available, and connections among anglers encouraged. We expect a drama-free setting and clarify that while co-hosts will be around, the weekend is self-guided. Attendees can coordinate fishing plans with other participants via the Facebook Group. This is not an exclusive women’s weekend. Partners, friends, and family are encouraged to join.


Please utilize this webpage and the NY Fish and Hang Facebook Group as most of your questions will answered.  Otherwise email [email protected].

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