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UWOTF MT Fish and Hang Group Photo

iFishiBelong ENVISIONS a future where every fish species, fishing technique, and individual UNITE through angling.  This vision aims to promote inclusivity, celebrate diversity, and establish initiatives that empower LEADERS within the angling community.

Lino Fly Fish Instruct - iFishiBelong Leadership

Leadership Opportunities

iFishiBelong is dedicated to providing leadership opportunities for the development of leaders, educators, and experts across various programs, including guides, conservation, educators, speakers, photographers, content creators, authors, fishing group initiation, mentorship, and more.

Southern California Fish and Hang iFishiBelong


iFishiBelong is committed to ensuring equitable visibility throughout our website, social media platforms, email communications, visual promotional materials, brochures, and all avenues where photos and narratives are featured.  Our commitment extends to collaborating with manufacturers, business owners, media outlets, content creators, filmmakers, fishing trade associations, and industry events to actively promote equal representation in the fishing sector.

Jenn Hsia Education iFishiBelong Smallmouth Bass Workshop

Financial Assistance

iFishiBelong will offer financial assistance for educational pursuits, events, and outings, encompassing a broad range of options such as Fish and Hang Events, Hosted Trips, Summits, Leadership Workshops, Online Classes, and In-Person Workshops.

North Carolina - FIsh and Hang - iFishiBelong and UWOTF


iFishiBelong supports various programs and community groups committed to creating a space for inclusion.

United Women on the Fly Team Fishing Opportunities with iFishiBelong

Fishing Opportunities

iFishiBelong is committed to providing accessible opportunities for individuals of varying financial means by organizing a variety of cost-effective events and trips, including Fish and Hang Events, Hosted Trips, Partnership Events, and other community fishing gatherings.

Ubuntu Fly Anglers High Five iFishiBelong Education


Offer accessible and affordable learning via virtual presentations, online classes, in-person workshops, fish and social events, informative presentations, blogs, and social media platforms.

iFishiBelong Resources


iFishiBelong will curate and promote a comprehensive platform that showcases fishing resources, connecting underrepresented individuals, organizations, business owners, industry professionals, and groups, fostering a more inclusive and diverse fishing community.