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All Kids Fish

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All Kids Fish

The Becca Sue Klein All Kids Fish Program hosts day-long retreats across the USA, immersing children aged 10-18 in fly fishing and conservation. Participants learn essential skills like rod assembly, casting, and safe fish handling while gaining an appreciation for river ecosystems and conservation efforts. The program aims to ignite passion for angling and environmental stewardship among young participants.

Program of iFishiBelong

By aligning with iFishiBelong, the program gains access to a broader platform and resources to reach more young anglers and create impactful experiences. iFishiBelong’s advocacy for inclusivity, leadership development, and equitable representation within the angling community resonates with the goals of the All Kids Fish Program. Together, they can amplify their efforts to instill environmental stewardship, promote access to fishing opportunities, and ensure that all children, regardless of their background, have the chance to participate fully and feel a sense of belonging in the angling community.

Donate Today

Donations play a vital role in supporting All Kids Fish, mission. These contributions are crucial for sponsoring students, providing meals, and ensuring the success of the organization’s efforts. By donating, individuals directly support the inclusion of historically marginalized youth in fishing events, granting them opportunities they might not otherwise have. These funds also contribute to covering essential expenses such as transportation, equipment, and educational materials. Ultimately, donations are instrumental in advancing All Kids Fish’s goal of making fishing accessible to all children, regardless of their background or circumstances.