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iFishiBelong is a nonprofit organization that creates a diverse and inclusive fishing community that celebrates the passion for all fish species and fishing techniques. We are dedicated to embracing individuals from all walks of life, recognizing the unique connections each person has with the water and the fish that inhabit it. Through our programs and initiatives, we strive to create an environment where everyone feels welcome, empowered, and united by their love for angling. Our commitment extends beyond the water as we aim to nurture leaders within our community, equipping them with the skills and confidence to make positive impacts in the world of fishing and beyond. 

Our commitment is to shape a world where everyone proudly proclaims, "I Fish, I Belong.

iFishiBelong Mission

iFishiBelong welcomes all species, all techniques, and all people within the fishing industry and communities. We focus on cultivating leadership opportunities, advocating for equitable representation, offering financial assistance, and promoting access and belonging for all people within the angling community.

OUR Programs

iFishiBelong acknowledges the necessity of collective effort for meaningful change. By partnering with community organizations, our programs—Ubuntu Fly Anglers, United Women on the Fly, and All Kids Fish – unite to combine resources, enhance advocacy, and empower individuals, showcasing that there is space for all species, techniques, and people.

All Kids Fish

The Becca Sue Klein All Kids Fish Program educates children aged 10-18 in fly fishing, conservation, and environmental stewardship.

Ubuntu Fly Anglers

“I am because we are.” Ubuntu is an intentional group of black fly anglers, educators, guides, and environmental activists.


United Women on the Fly (UWOTF) aims to empower and unite women in fly fishing through education, mentorship, conservation, and inclusivity.
Connect At An Event

iFishiBelong has a mix of virtual and in-person events.  We are committed to providing accessible opportunities for individuals of varying financial means by organizing a variety of cost-effective events and trips, including Fish and Hang Events, Hosted Trips, Partnership Events, and other community fishing gatherings. Check out our upcoming events HERE.

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