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Ubuntu Fly Anglers


Central to our mission is to help CHANGE the complexion and larger perception of people like us in fly angling and in environmental activism.  We strive to be ambassadors and educators, to create opportunities and SAFE spaces for teaching and learning, to increase our presence in fly angling, and to add our VOICES among environmental decision-makers and in fly angling and the industry. 

What we Believe

  • We acknowledge that environmental racism is real.
  • We affirm that the waters we fish, the species we pursue, and their environments have a right to exist, and we have a role to play on their behalf. 
  • We recognize, due to demographics and geography, the lonely and sometimes scary spaces we find ourselves in when being involved in what we love. 
  • We have come together for the purposes of supporting and mentoring one another and helping others like us connect with our natural world through play, work and activism.  

This is an intentional effort to bring us together to create the changes we wish to see in these and other areas.