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Fish and Hang

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Why Join?


iFishiBelong celebrates community through the Fish and Hang Events, uniting individuals who are seeking connection, empowerment and fun!

Fishing Opportunities

iFishiBelong selects Fish and Hang locations tailed for the DIY angler.  These spots offer easy walk-and-wade options to public waters.


iFishiBelong offers accessible education via Live Q&A, engaged Facebook interactions, in-person workshops, and on and off water involvement.


iFishiBelong is committed to providing accessible opportunities for anglers of varying financial means by organizing a variety of cost-effective events.


5/30 - 6/2/24


6/21 - 6/23/24

New York

10/4 - 10/6/24

North Carolina

4/24 - 4/27/25

Scholarship Opportunities

In-Person Workshop Opportunities

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