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Oregon Fish and Hang

Oregon Fish and Hang Weekend

Welcome to the Maupin, Oregon Fish and Hang Weekend, a gathering of like-minded individuals seeking connection, empowerment, and fun! Proudly brought to you by iFishiBelong, we warmly invite everyone to be part of this experience. This event is all inclusive, we welcome all people of all skill levels to join.

Our Fish and Hang format, inspired by United Women on the Fly, allows participants to venture out to fish on their own each day and then hang out and share fishing tales together in the evenings.  Whether you lean towards camping, reserving a cabin or hotel, DIY fishing, or hiring a guide, we share resources for all budgets.  The event takes place in Maupin, Oregon from May 30th to June 2nd, 2024.

For any questions or if you’d like to borrow equipment, reach out to us at [email protected] We look forward to sharing this fishing adventure with you!

Register for the Weekend

Oregon Co-Hosts

Southern California Fish and Hang 2023 Group Photo

All Are Welcomed

The Oregon Fish and Hang is open to everyone and is not exclusive to women or fly-fishing. iFishiBelong’s mission is to advocate for all species, techniques, and people. The aim is to create a welcoming environment where diversity is celebrated and discrimination is not tolerated.  

iFishiBelong’s Fish and Hang events offer attendees the chance to explore, engage in DIY fishing, and partake in social gatherings. Additionally, these events serve as a platform for highlighting local businesses and guides.

Maupin Oregon Vertical


Maupin, Oregon


May 30th – June 2nd, 2024

Recorded Q&A Session

  • Watch the Q&A Session HERE

why JOin?


iFishiBelong celebrates community through the Fish and Hang Events, uniting individuals who are seeking connection, empowerment and fun!


iFishiBelong selects Fish and Hang locations tailed for the DIY angler.  These spots offer easy walk-and-wade options to public waters.


iFishiBelong offers accessible education via Live Q&A, engaged Facebook interactions, in-person workshops, and on and off water involvement.


iFishiBelong is committed to providing accessible opportunities for anglers of varying financial means by organizing a variety of cost-effective events.

Cecilia Brown Deschutes River Redband - OR Fish and Hang

Weekend Activities

Each day is centered on fishing adventures, concluding with social hangouts in the evenings.  We urge individuals to engage with each other in the Facebook Group to form fishing friendships and coordinate weekend adventures.   Register HERE.

  • Thursday 5/30/24 – Arrive and DIY Fish or Workshop
    • 10 am – 2 pm – 4hr Fish the Deschutes River Workshop Available
      • SOLD OUT
    • Social Evening at Maupin City Park
  • Friday 5/31/24 – DIY Fish and Evening Hang
    • DIY Fishing or Social Fishing Time (Location and Time TBD)
    • 6pm – Troutfest Evening Hang
  • Saturday 6/1/24 – DIY Fish, Casting Lessons and DRA TroutFest
    • DIY Fishing
    • 9am – 11am – Donation Based Casting Lessons
      • Register Coming in March
    • 12pm – 5pm – Troutfest 
    • 5pm – 9pm – Evening Hang with Live Band 
  • Sunday 6/2/24 – River Clean-Up, Fish  and Depart
    • 9am – 10am – River Clean-Up Hosted by iFishiBelong and Deschutes River Alliance
    • Fishing on Own and Depart


We’ve intentionally coordinated our Oregon Fish and Hang event with the Deschutes River Alliance (DRA) Troutfest, happening on the evening of Friday, May 31, 2024, and continuing on Saturday, June 1, 2024, from noon until evening. This provides everyone with the opportunity to participate, learn from industry experts, and come together to celebrate the Deschutes River. The Troutfest promises a day filled with community, informative clinics, delicious food, refreshing beer, and live music.


This year, we’re implementing a minimal registration fee of $50.  The fee is instrumental in offsetting the costs associated with travel logistics, online platforms, the extensive hours dedicated to research, meticulous preparation, and the ongoing correspondence that happens behind the scenes to ensure a seamless experience for all participants. By registering, you’re not only securing your spot but also actively supporting iFishiBelong’s core mission. We aim to create and sustain affordable opportunities in the realm of fishing and exploration. Through this registration fee, we can continue to organize a diverse range of cost-effective events and trips, catering to individuals from various financial backgrounds. Your contribution directly empowers us to widen our reach and offer enriching experiences to all people.

Refunds: This registration is non-refundable. If you’re unable to attend the event after registering, your fee will be considered a donation supporting iFishiBelong’s mission-driven work.

Mary Moore and Angie Kelley - PA Fish and Hang

What's Included

  • An Exclusive Webpage Established Specifically for Registered Oregon Participants.
    • It includes event logistics, packing tips, fishing details, etc.
  • Choice Between a Hat or Tee Shirt ($25 Value)
  • Interactive Live Q&A Session
  • Online Access to the “Summer Trout Fishing Techniques” Live 5/6/24 or Pre-Recorded Class
  • TroutFest Festivities
  • First Access to the 1hr Casting Lesson Registration on Saturday 6/1/24
  • Nightly Social Events
  • Friday Morning Fishing Social – Subject to BLM Approval
  • Location & Fishing Research Compiled for Easy Participant Reference
  • Dedicated Co-Hosts Focusing on Education, Community, Fun
  • Commitment to Support Local Businesses and Highlight Women and Underrepresented Owners and Guides in the Region
  • 20% Off TroutRoutes Pro Account

What's Not Included

  • Transportation to and from Maupin, OR
  • Accommodation/Camping
  • Meal Arrangements
  • Fishing Gear – *Equipment Available to Borrow
  • Oregon Fishing License
  • SOLD OUT – 4hr “Fishing the Deschutes River” Workshop on Thursday 5/30/24 
  • Guided Fishing Opportunities.  Click HERE to find a guide.

Scholarship Opportunity

We are developing a scholarship program for the Fish and Hang events. This program will offer 5 scholarships per location: one primary scholarship covering registration, a spot in the group campsite at the Maupin City Park, an Oregon fishing license, the “Fishing the Deschutes River” workshop, and  $250 for travel. Additionally, the remaining 4 scholarships will cover the costs of registration and a spot in a group campsite at Maupin City Park.  The scholarship application period is from March 1st to March 31st, 2024.  Stay Tuned.

Connect in the Facebook Group

We have created a Facebook Group specific to this weekend’s event.  Please utilize this group to ask questions and connect with other women to fish with over the weekend.  This will be the location to which the co-hosts will post additional event information. Join the Facebook Group HERE.

Oregon Fish and Hang Travel Graphic


Located just 45 minutes south of The Dalles on Hwy 197, and 2hrs from Portland or Bend areas, Maupin is the perfect getaway for year-round outdoor recreation in Central Oregon.


Accommodation options in Maupin, Oregon, are limited. Below are a couple of choices, and you are responsible for making your reservations.    Airbnb or VRBO might also be a great option.  Need help with lodging? Click HERE.



Thank you to those who reserved camp and RV sites at Maupin City Park. Two weeks before the event, an email with camping details will be sent.

For those still looking for a campsite, there are several Bureau of Land Management (BLM) campgrounds north of Maupin. They operate on a first-come, first-served basis, so arriving early is recommended. Click HERE for the BLM link.


You’re in charge of your meals. There is a Dutch Oven cook-off happening on Friday at 5pm. It costs $5 to sample all the dishes and vote for your favorite main dish, side, and dessert. Additionally, on Saturday, food and beverages of choice will be available for purchase at the TroutFest location.

It’s advisable to visit a grocery store along the way. Although Maupin Market provides basic supplies, its selection is somewhat limited, and we want to be mindful of not depleting a small town’s grocery store. For a wider range of options, consider shopping at Safeway locations in nearby towns like The Dalles and Madras or the Fred Meyer’s in the Tri-Cities. Additionally, Maupin has several restaurants and laid-back bars for added convenience.

TroutFest Pink


We’ve intentionally coordinated our Oregon Fish and Hang event with the Deschutes River Alliance (DRA) Troutfest, happening on the evening of Friday, May 31, 2024, and continuing on Saturday, June 1, 2024, from noon until evening. This provides everyone with the opportunity to participate, learn from industry experts, and come together to celebrate the Deschutes River. The Troutfest promises a day filled with community, informative clinics, delicious food, refreshing beer, and live music.

Casting Lesson Donation

Donation Fly Casting Lesson

Be one of the inaugural participants to sign up for an hour-long fly-casting lesson guided by industry experts on the morning of Saturday, 6/1/24 . The session includes both a beginner and an intermediate/advanced segment, taught by some of the best casters in fly fishing.  Registration opens to the public on 4/29/14.

Before registering for the casting lesson, please evaluate your casting skillset and knowledge to ensure you meet the requirements. If you’re unable to register for the lesson or if you’re brand new to the sport and have never picked up a fly rod, we invite you to visit the Simms/Winston and Echo booth during Troutfest. Heather Hodson will be available to guide you through the basics.

Beginner Casting Lesson – 

  • 9:00 am – 10:00 am – Beginner Casting Lesson with lead instructor Tom Larimer and co-instructors Heather Hodson and Justin Bubenik.
  • Requirements: We ask that those taking the beginning lesson know how to set up their fly rod and have some casting experience.

Intermediate/Advanced Casting Lesson – 

  • 10:15 – 11:15 am—Intermediate/Advanced Lesson with lead instructor Tim Rajeff and co-instructors Eric Neufeld and Mary Ann Dozer.
  • Requirements: We ask that those participating in the intermediate/advanced casting lesson have a solid understanding of fly casting fundamentals and the ability to adjust their stroke and arc to modify their loop according to their fishing needs.
    • If you don’t know what a casting stroke or arc is, then we ask that you register for the beginner casting lesson.


The Deschutes River provides fishing opportunities for native wild Redband trout.  We chose this time as Salmonflies, Golden Stones, PMDs and Yellow Sallies should be on the menu.

Fishing License

Oregon’s traditional Free Fishing Weekend falls on the first weekend in June. During this time, no fishing license is required for Saturday, June 1, or Sunday, June 2. However, if you plan to fish on any other dates, all anglers over 18 years old must purchase a fishing license.   Purchase HERE.  Older anglers may be eligible for a Pioneer or Senior LicenseVeterans and Active members of the armed services may also be eligible for license benefits.

  • Columbia River Basin Endorsement is not needed if you are only fishing for trout on the Deschutes River.
  • Tribal Fishing Permits –
    • A tribal fishing permit is required for fishing or boating access for the waters of the Warm Springs Reservation.  Read More HERE.

DIY Fishing

Please mark your calendars for the Live Q&A Session on April 24th at 5:30 pm PT, where we’ll explore weekend logistics and share local fishing information. The Fish and Hang events require some preparation and proactive involvement.  To ensure participants are well-informed, each registrant will be granted access to a dedicated event webpage designed for all registrants.  This resource will assist you in organizing and planning your trip effectively. 

Walk and Wade - Oregon iFishiBelong Fish and Hang

Fishing Equipment

Each angler is expected to bring their own equipment and flies.  We have rod/reel setups, boots and waders available for borrowing on a first-come, first-served basis. Please fill out the “Borrowed Equipment” form by May 15th if you wish to borrow equipment.  Click HERE.

Social Fishing Day

We’re in the process of securing Bureau of Land Management (BLM) permits to facilitate our social fishing day on the Deschutes River. Further details about the Friday social fishing day will be provided during the Live Q&A session and will also be posted on the reserved website.

Hire a Guide

We recognize that not everyone wants to DIY Fish and may prefer the expertise of a fishing guide.  In our commitment to showcasing local businesses and guides, we’re pleased to provide a list of area guides who have registered on the Fish and Hang website, demonstrating their support and alignment with the iFishiBelong mission.

There are other several great guides on the Deschutes River.  Click HERE to learn more.


Fish the Deschutes River Workshop

SOLD OUT – The “Fishing the Deschutes River” workshop provides participants with a deep dive into techniques and tactics tailored for this iconic river. This workshop is geared towards the advanced beginner and intermediate angler. The techniques covered in this workshop will be dry fly, subsurface, euro and trout spey.

Workshop Topics – 

  • Deschutes River Access Points
  • Intermediate Fly Fishing Knots and Leader Set-Ups for Each Technique
  • Match the Seasonal Deschutes River Hatches
  • ABCs of Fly Fishing and How to Approach the Water for Each Technique
  • Searching vs Targeting  and Mending Demonstrations
  • Casting Drills for Each Technique

The workshop curriculum is being provided by Fly Fish Instruct

Education Opportunities

  • Engage on Facebook:
  • Co-Host Guidance:
    • Our co-hosts will be available throughout the event.
    • Get answers on topics like knots, leaders, flies, and prime fishing locations.
  • In-Person Workshop Opportunity: SOLD OUT
    • Participate in the “Fishing the Deschutes River” Workshop.
    • Led by Amy Hazel and Heather Hodson.
    • Duration: 4 hours

We’re here to help, so don’t hesitate to ask!

Jenny O'Brien Redband - iFishiBelong Oregon Fish and Hang

Safety Policy

For the safety of all, if you show any signs of illness or have a positive covid test result, kindly remain at home. Stay informed about the weather, dress for the occasion, and stay alert to any shifts in water conditions.


Email us at [email protected] with any questions.

Weekend Disclaimer

We aim for a memorable weekend, emphasizing community for everyone present. Educational resources will be available, and connections among anglers encouraged. We expect a drama-free setting and clarify that while co-hosts will be around, the weekend is self-guided. Attendees can coordinate fishing plans via the Facebook Group. This is not an exclusive women’s weekend. Partners, friends, and family are encouraged to join.

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